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Jessica Yaffa Organization Fundraiser

Jessica Yaffa is a survivor of domestic violence, including physical and emotional abuse, as well as rape. She has transformed a set of extremely traumatic circumstances into a triumphant story. Ms. Yaffa is the founder and leader of The Rock Church Domestic Violence Ministry, a church with than 15,000 members. Jessica’s ministry has served over 5,000 men, women, and children since it’s inception over five years ago. Her commitment to ensure that no one walks this journey alone, providing support groups, workshops, trainings, donations, legal clinics, and an abundance of resources is just the beginning. Ms. Yaffa has recently published a workbook for therapists’ titled: Help Me, Help Her; A Therapists’ Guide to Treating Survivors of Domestic Violence, with her memoir Mine, Until scheduled to be released this fall. Having received multiple awards and recognition, Ms. Yaffa travels the country sharing her powerful story, extraordinary circumstances, and message of resiliency, purpose, and hope. Join us from 5-7pm, when 20% of all purchases will be donated back to this amazing organization. When you think of Grubby’s, “think more than tacos!”

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